About CADalogKorea

CarpenterA.com is operated by [CADalogKorea] and CADalogKorea is located in Seoul, Korea. Since 2002, SketchUp has been supplying various BIM software.
Our goal is to help customers who design with various software collaborate to make better designs. The files sold through CarpenterA.com are intended to be as standard file formats as possible for compatibility of working files. However, because there is a limit to the data compatibility of standard files, we also provide the original files.

The files you purchase will be immediately available for download via email as soon as payment is made. In addition, every visitor can earn money by selling their own 3D models.

Through CarpenterA.com, visitors can experience different architectural cultures in different regions and inspire their own designs.

All  carpenter( also visitors) can download  SketchUp file, or IFC file( BIM File format). and Architecture design data, Interior Design data, Landscape Design Data.   


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