Sell Your Models

Hello Carpenter All.
We(CarpenterA) buy your 3D models and pay the royalty.

All carpenters can use this web page to sell / buy their own CAD / BIM files. We purchase three-dimensional architectural / interior / carpentry / landscaping files.

You can sell your design files(SketchUp / DWG file / Revit / archicad / ARCHline / Rhino3D / 3dsmax/ Cinema4d / Lumion / or IFC(BIM) file) worldwide. This means you can extend your design area to the world beyond the means of making money.

The Seller can't sell files that are copyrighted by third parties, but The seller can only sell files that you have created yourself. The seller must tell us which software the files  seller want to sell are made, and seller will be required to provide the Original files.

When you send us the file, you must tell us your own the Paypal account. or bank wire account(In South Korea)
If the amount sold on reaches a certain amount, royalty payments will be paid to the original copyright holder.

 As of 2018, you'll be paid 50%. If the amount to be paid exceeds $ 200, payment will begin.

Royalty payments are determined by agreement between the seller and CarpenterA. If you do not agree, it will not be sold, and we will delete the requestor's file immediately.

Sell Your Models

Artist Royalty Ratio= 50%(Flat)

The royalty for the seller is 50% of the sales price. The seller will be responsible for any fees incurred in transferring money to a bank account or Paypal.

You can send your designed file through the below web.!


The selling price is specified by the seller's decision. CarpenterA offers the seller a reasonable price, and if the seller accepts, the sale will begin.
Prices are subject to change once a month.
Sales procedures.
1, the seller uploads the original design file for sale through this web page.
2, CarpenterA announces the recommended price by e-mail of the seller.
3, E-mail to specify the price negotiated between the seller and CarpenterA.
4, CarpenterA confirms the design original and generates screen image and screen recorded MP4 file.
5, CarpenterA posts the goods on the website.
6, CarpenterA notifies the seller of the monthly sales volume.
7, royalty is payable to the seller if CarpeneterA's payment to the seller exceeds $ 200, which is 50% of the sale price.
8, the seller must notify CarpenterA of his PayPal account or bank account.
Sell Your Models
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Please use Chrome or Firefox or Safari(on Mac) Don't use IE(internet Explorer) . with I.E(internet Explorer)  the above Upload form  won't work. Please use the Web Browser Chrome or Firefox or Safari(on Mac),  not Internet Explorer.

 Sell Your Models

    When the File size is  Too Big,  Please Click the above image.

After uploading on , please send an e-mail separately to ). to let us know you have uploaded file. 

 If you click on the above image, you will send your sales items to CarpenterA via Dropbox. However, CarpenterA only knows the name of the seller and does not know the e-mail address. Therefore, the seller must notify CarpenterA of your email address and name.

If the seller does not notify CarpenterA of your email address, we can not find a way to contact the seller. We may request a supplement for the item you wish to sell.

and, Please let knows the Seller's informations. (