A guide to copyright and license usage.

CarpenterA supplies 3D digital model files for Architects, interior, landscaping and carpentry. The digital files sold are files created by CarpenterA directly or entrusted with distribution rights. The supplied file will be supplied to the buyer on the Web server specified by CarpenteA, and the buyer will receive it via the e-mail address. All items are shipped electronically and can be downloaded for 14 days from the date of purchase.

The buyer is not authorized to own any of the purchased files, but is licensed. The license here means that it can only be used by the purchaser and does not mean the license of the file purchased to a third party. The client of the buyer can provide the processed form of image, video, VR, panorama etc. of the result of the work file to the third person, and does not allow the purchased file to be transferred to the file that can be reprocessed.

In order for a file sold by CarpenterA to be made available to a third party, the third party must purchase the file for use by CarpenterA.

That is, the buyer should not give a third party the file he or she purchased. However, the purchaser is allowed to provide the pictures, video files, VR files, etc. produced using the purchased files.

Buyers are also prohibited from reselling their purchased files. Modification and sale of purchased files is also prohibited. This is an act that violates original works. has an obligation to protect the copyrights of copyright holders.