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You can sell 3D design files.

You can sell design files around the world using SketchUp / Revit / archicad / ARCHline.XP / Rhino3D / Lumion/ 3dsMax / Cinema4D. Design files that are stored on a PC that are no longer needed can be sold to the entire system. Local-style architecture, interior, landscaping and Carpentry files can be sold worldwide. Our copyright payment system is very reasonable and protects the copyright of the designer.

Designers can sell their files by uploading their files through  this homepage. You can not sell files created by third parties, and you must provide your Paypal account or bank account information in order to receive sales revenue.
We will return a portion of the monthly sales fee to the copyright holder.

You can upload the file by clicking the image below. You must provide an email address after uploading.
You must provide your identification (or passport photo) and a  Paypal Account (or bank account) by e-mail.

Email address:
 If the design level is low, it may be rejected.

The selling price is specified by the seller's decision. CarpenterA offers the seller a reasonable price, and if the seller accepts, the sale will begin.
Prices are subject to change once a month.
Sales procedures.
1, the seller uploads the original design file for sale through this web page.
2, CarpenterA announces the recommended price by e-mail of the seller.
3, E-mail to specify the price negotiated between the seller and CarpenterA.
4, CarpenterA confirms the design original and generates screen image and screen recorded MP4 file.
5, CarpenterA posts the goods on the website.
6, CarpenterA notifies the seller of the monthly sales volume.
7, royalty is payable to the seller if CarpeneterA's payment to the seller exceeds $ 200, which is 50% of the sale price.
8, the seller must notify CarpenterA of his PayPal account or bank account.


Copyrighter Pay  rate. (50%)